Hidden Security Camera

Security cameras are intended to cater to a wide variety of needs, whether acting as a deterrent to criminals or being used as a tool to capture crimes being committed. A hidden security camera is an example of the latter. These cameras might not deter criminals, but they can inform you of when a crime is being committed and also gather vital evidence to help bring criminals to justice. If you are considering investing in a hidden security camera then here is what you need to know.

What is a Hidden Security Camera?

Hidden cameras are frequently confused with spy cameras and this is because they both provide a very similar service. The main difference is that spy cameras tend to have an intended target that is ‘spied’ on, and hidden cameras are for general covert surveillance. The cameras allow you to protect what matters to you most, whether your belongings or family.

Types of Hidden Camera

These ‘hidden’ cameras can be hidden in all kinds of common household fixtures, from smoke detectors to wall-mounted clocks and ceiling fans. The models can be wired or wireless.

Wired hidden security cameras need to be physically connected to a power source in order for them to record. This type of hidden camera tends to be less expensive than wireless models but can be more noticeable.

Wireless hidden security cameras use batteries to power them, which allows them to be used in locations that wired cameras couldn’t be placed as easily. This does require regular battery changes and if you don’t keep track of this then you may miss recordings.

All of these different hidden camera models are intended to provide you with the ability to monitor your home or office, without the recorded individuals being aware of it.

Hidden Camera Pros

  • These cameras are ideal for capturing bad behaviour from individuals who are not expecting to be recorded.
  • It is a scenario where you can see how hard employees work.
  • Small and discreet means they can be placed in anything from alarm clocks to fans.
  • Installation is as simple as placing them where you want.

Hidden Camera Cons

  • The biggest issue surrounding these cameras is the question over legality and recording people without their knowledge.