Hidden Camera Ceiling Fan

There are numerous types of hidden security cameras that all have their distinct benefits. But if you’re a homeowner and are only investing in one or a business owner who wants an additional intelligently placed camera, then hidden camera ceiling fans offer many benefits. At 360 Security Solutions, we specialise in providing the very best hidden security cameras, giving you with the perfect CCTV solutions to suit your unique needs.

Why Use a Hidden Camera Ceiling Fans?

Having a camera hidden inside a ceiling fan means it is ideal for both business and home use, and no one will suspect such a typical object of concealing a camera.

One of the benefits of this is that potential intruders or dishonest employees will not be aware of the camera’s presence. Although a hidden camera doesn’t act as a deterrent, it allows you to see someone’s true nature and whether they’re committing a crime or not.

These cameras are ideal if you want to be able to monitor a room in your home, such as your office or main living area, or as a business owner if you want to add extra security coverage to an area.

Smart Surveillance

It’s likely that as a business owner if you know where your security cameras are then your employees will too. Whether you want to add additional security or suspect an employee of any wrongdoing, by implementing the likes of smoke detectors with cameras you can ensure nothing goes unnoticed and a safer workspace.

Protect Your Blind Spots

Implementing smart security solutions can help protect both your home and business from criminals. If you want a non-invasive security solution that also gives you full coverage of a room then these cameras are ideal. These cameras can be introduced to break rooms and employee areas to ensure your employees safety and protect your business against any accidents too.

Bird’s Eye Surveillance

A hidden camera ceiling fan ensures you have an unrestricted view of any room. This bird’s eye view allows you to track suspected criminals and monitor their movement and actions without having to switch between cameras or lose them in blind spots.