Smoke Detector with Camera

The majority of hidden cameras are located on shelves, desks or walls, but what distinguishes smoke detectors with cameras is their placement. At 360 Security Solutions, we specialise in providing the very best hidden security cameras, giving you with the perfect CCTV solutions to suit your unique needs.

Why Use a Smoke Detector Hidden Camera?

The immediate benefit of this camera type is that it provides the user with a ceiling mount and wide viewing angle, so you are able to cover a larger area than is usually possible with a desk or cabinet based hidden camera. The fact that this camera is hidden inside a smoke detector means it is ideal for both business and home use, and no one will suspect such a typical object of concealing a camera.

These cameras will never look out of place in an office or home setting, especially as smoke detectors are a necessity.

Incorporating more discreet and cost effective security cameras such as these not only saves you money in the initial installation phase, but can also help you save considerably from untrustworthy employees or intruders.

Intelligent Surveillance

Chances are, as a business owner if you know where your security cameras are then your employees will too. Whether you want to add additional security or suspect an employee of any wrongdoing, by implementing the likes of smoke detectors with cameras you can ensure nothing goes unnoticed and a safer workspace.

Protect Your Blind Spots

Retail loss accounts for billions of dollars and it is a number that is only going. By implementing smart security solutions, you can help give yourself the protection you need from both employees and criminals. Smoke detectors with cameras are a subtle method of installing security surveillance in areas where actual security cameras would be excessive or difficult to install.

Bird’s Eye Surveillance

Installing smoke detector security cameras ensures you have an unrestricted view of any room. This bird’s eye view allows you to track suspected criminals and monitor their movement and actions without having to switch between cameras or lose them in blind spots.