Fan Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras offer users a wide variety of video surveillance options that can be used in your home and office. The fan hidden camera is an option that integrates a camera into a functioning fan, creating a discreet and practical security tool. At 360 Security Solutions, we specialise in providing the very best and unique hidden security cameras, giving you with the perfect CCTV solutions to suit your unique needs.

Why Use a Fan Hidden Camera?

If you’re looking for a hidden camera that is ideal in any room of your house or office, then the fan hidden camera is an ideal solution, especially as no one will suspect such a typical object of concealing a security camera.

The camera’s subtlety means that potential intruders or dishonest employees will not be aware of the camera’s presence, allowing you to capture their actions and create evidence if necessary.

This has many practical implementations and can be used in the following scenarios:

Homeowner – protect your home against intruders and check up on pets/family.

Nanny Camera – allows you to monitor your child and babysitter.

Infidelity – if you suspect a spouse of cheating then a hidden camera can help find out what might be occurring.

Business – monitoring your employees.

Office – see if anyone is going through your office/belongings when you’re away.

Intelligent Surveillance

It isn’t uncommon for intruders or employees to learn where your existing surveillance is and avoid it. A tower fan is one of the best hidden cameras as it blends into its setting and can capture people in the act. As the camera is fixed inside the fan it also means that it can easily be moved to wherever you want it placed. Suspect employees stealing from a certain area of the office? Move the fan hidden camera to that area to gather evidence.

Protect Your Blind Spots

These cameras can be positioned in a variety of ways to give you the best possible coverage of an area. Whether you choose to place them in the corner of an office or direct them at your child’s bed at night, there are unlimited options for how they can be introduced to give the optimum coverage.