Hybrid Security Camera

360 Secure Solutions offers hybrid security camera systems, allowing our clients to get the most out of their existing and new security technology. These hybrid systems allow both analog and digital cameras to work alongside each other, providing a multi-dimensional security system to meet modern security needs. This is advantageous for any company who wants to utilise the latest security technologies without scrapping their existing system.

Analog-Digital Monitoring Systems

A hybrid security camera system is capable of accepting more than one type of video signal. The most common signals that it grants joint accessibility to are analog and digital. This system effectively allows companies to have the ‘best of both worlds’, having analog cameras as your staple security and higher quality digital models in key areas to provide more detailed imagery.

Below are the two different camera types that our hybrid system grant you access to:

Analog Cameras – these cameras offer a closed-circuit system and are the traditional CCTV that has been used for decades. They are lower cost and more efficient than digital models. Analog cameras connect directly to a DVR (digital video recorder) for recording or observation.

Digital Cameras – unlike traditional CCTV, these cameras may send information via a computer network or the Internet. They are higher quality and more advanced than analog models. Digital cameras provide a great deal of flexibility and allow remote access from anywhere.

The integration of analog and digital cameras into a hybrid surveillance system is achieved by connecting analog cameras to converters or to a hybrid DVR or NVR (network video recorder).

Some of the Benefits of a Hybrid Security Camera System:

There are clear advantages to incorporating a multi-format security system into your property; most notable of these is the ability to introduce newer technology into your existing system without making your earlier security obsolete.

Here are the other benefits of introducing this system:

  • Upgrade at your own pace – not everyone is able to introduce an entirely new security system in one go. By using a hybrid system, you are able to upgrade your security system to a higher quality one at your own pace and budget.
  • Improve surveillance where needed – it is likely that certain areas of your property will have higher traffic and risk than others. A hybrid system allows you to place the best digital security at these positions, whilst still covering other areas with analog CCTV.
  • Meet modern needs – Hybrid recorders are versatile and allow you to live view, record, back up and play back video all at the same time.