Infrared Security Camera

A regular CCTV camera works best when in good light, but low light conditions are typically when crimes occur and are the true test of how effective CCTV is. An infrared security camera is ideal for these situations, capturing high quality images even at night. This has led to infrared being used by military, law enforcement, scientific research and now business and homeowners.

What is Infrared?

Infrared has a longer wavelength than visible light, meaning we are unable to see it. Its name actually means ‘below red’, which is the colour of the longest wavelengths of visible light.

Infrared security cameras that utilise infrared come with artificial infrared light emitters positioned beside the camera, which illuminate the surroundings with infrared light, then capture the reflected light, hence allowing the infrared camera to observe the surroundings even in the dark. The infrared camera can capture high resolution black and white images at night time or in darker areas of your property.

Every physical object continuously gives off some heat, by virtual of its temperature, in the form of infrared light. However, this ‘heat’, or ‘thermal infrared light’, is located in a different range from the operating range of most infrared cameras and this is not what most infrared security cameras detect.

Some of the Benefits of Infrared Security Cameras

Conventional cameras are ideal during daylight, but when it gets dark and visibility lowers, they can become ineffective. Infrared cameras allow for constant surveillance, not just during daylight hours and this makes them ideal as a security measure. There are numerous other benefits to using infrared:

  • Covert Surveillance – criminal acts frequently occur in the dark when there is less chance of being seen. Using infrared is invaluable if you are attempting to protect a property at night. It can not only provide you with evidence but also alert you to a potential crime.
  • 24/7 Protection – we touched on this point above, but an infrared security camera works effectively both day and night, providing you with high definition colour during the day and high-resolution black and white images at night.
  • Energy Saving – these cameras tend to use LEDs to produce the infrared illumination. LEDs are highly efficient and energy-saving lights that will ultimately help you save money.
  • Ideal Indoors and Outdoors – infrared cameras offer an incredibly versatile security option and come in many different forms. This makes them ideal whether you need them for outdoor or indoor use. They are also built using Polycarbonate domes, which make them particularly sturdy and vandal resistant.