HD wireless IP camera

IP cameras give business and homeowners a simple way to monitor their properties with the benefit of high definition (HD) footage. Whilst HD has become a common occurrence in CCTV (1 megapixel can be HD), there are numerous other features that are important to take into consideration when choosing a wireless HD IP camera.

What to Look For in High Resolution

Higher Resolution
Video quality is the foremost consideration when deciding upon an HD IP camera. The clearer the video quality (resolution), the more bandwidth is taken up and there is an increased likelihood of lag time. HD cameras focus on having either 720p or 1080p streaming quality. If you are concerned about battery and storage space, then a lower bandwidth of 720p or less might be preferred.

Frame Rate
A camera with a higher frame rate results in smoother video, if an IP camera offers 30fps then you will be able to view footage almost seamlessly. Internet speed and the quality of your connection are also factors that should be taken into account as they can result in either smooth or choppy video.

Storage Space
Not all security users will have the same needs; a homeowner won’t need to monitor a live feed or want hours of stored footage, therefore an NVR setup isn’t necessary but chances are it will be necessary for a business. As a result, storage space will vary depending on your needs. If you want a higher resolution then video data size will become larger as a result and require more storage space, which means a bigger investment in storage.

Is HD Necessary?
It is possible for your camera to capture high quality footage up to 1080p, but if the rest of your system doesn’t have HD capabilities, then the resulting footage will be a much lower resolution by the time it is viewed. Therefore when it comes to investing in HD IP cameras, it is worth considering the benefits of investing in a full HD system. A higher resolution camera will cost more, but provides numerous benefits over cheaper cameras.