IP Camera Installation Singapore

There are many important considerations to take into account when it comes to choosing a surveillance system for your business or home. Whilst a small deployment of one camera is fairly straightforward, larger installations of multi camera systems aren’t so simple. If you’re considering installing a CCTV system, then you’ll no doubt have found it can be a complicated process. Why not make it an easy one by using our professional IP camera installation service in Singapore.

Our Process

At 360 Secure Solutions we use all of our extensive experience to ensure you get the best possible security system to meet your needs and budget. Here are the 6 steps you can expect from our company:

1. Fact Finding
When building a security system it is important to understand exactly what your aims and requirements are in order to provide the right security solutions. We take the time to understand your needs and budget before we suggest any systems.

2. Proposal
Once we have collected all the information about the company/home and your requirements, we are then able to propose a network design and the best security practices that will ensure the safety of you and your property. This includes selecting specific types of cameras to meet the location needs and taking the intricacies of the location into account.

3. Implementation & Deployment
Our team of experienced installation engineers and network technicians will then implement the proposal. We work in an efficient and transparent manner, ensuring our clients closely collaborate with us to create the best and most cost effective security system.

4. Testing
Both before and after installation our team thoroughly checks and double-checks the new system to ensure optimum coverage and the highest level of security possible. We ensure we leave you with a completely efficient and reliable system.

5. Commissioning
Once the system has been thoroughly tested then we will commission all of its components. This means we operate the system to ensure every function and view is setup as originally designed.

6. After Sales
After installation we provide a friendly and helpful customer service to ensure your security system is running properly. If any issues arise then we will immediately dispatch a member of our team to resolve them and have your security system back up and running again.