Outdoor IP camera

When it comes to outdoor IP cameras, it is possible to have both wired and wireless models. Deciding which is more suitable for your business or home can be difficult as the similarities and differences between wired and wireless security cameras can be confusing.

Here we take a look at which type of IP camera is most appropriate for outdoor use, enabling you to make an informed decision when it comes to deciding upon an appropriate security system.

Wired Outdoors Cameras

A lot of the differences between wired and wireless security cameras tend to be immediately noticeable, from the higher cost of wired cameras to the increased difficulty of installing them correctly.

But there are advantages to wired cameras; they do not suffer from the signal interference that can occur with wireless models. Although installation is less straightforward than wireless models, it does mean there is a reliable connection that doesn’t require monitoring.

Wireless Outdoors Cameras

Wireless cameras are known for providing significantly higher video and audio quality than their wired counterparts. This is a factor when combined with their ease of installation that makes them an attractive choice for many businesses and homes.

Of course there are still disadvantages to using wireless cameras, the most notable of these being that the signal can be affected by a variety of outdoor conditions, from hard winds to rainy weather. However, this issue is avoidable if you invest in wireless IP cameras of higher specifications that have been designed to withstand harsher weather conditions.

There is also the potential for these systems to be hacked remotely if care isn’t taken to avoid this. Wireless cameras can also rely on batteries to power them and this means there is the potential for them to die if they are not checked regularly.

Which to Choose?

The decision between wired or wireless outdoor IP cameras depends upon the wants and needs of the business or homeowner. If you want a security system that is easy to install and use, that has aesthetic benefits, then wireless models will be your preferred choice. If you’d prefer a reliable camera that won’t be hacked and don’t mind cables, then wired models are a good choice.