PoE IP Camera

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is becoming an increasingly popular security system tool for businesses who are looking for a straightforward method of updating their IT and security system infrastructure. The main benefit of PoE IP cameras is the ability to place them in locations where there is no easily accessible power point.

How PoE Works

PoE cameras utilise a technology that integrates power into a standard LAN infrastructure. Allowing power to be provided to a network device – in this instance a camera – using the same cable that provides the network connection. This completely removes the need for power outlets at the IP camera locations and reduces the risk of the cameras being connected to an interruptible power supply.

Why use PoE?

There are many advantages to using this technology in security systems:

  • Easy to power – PoE cameras are not sensitive to overvoltage and have been designed to protect network equipment from overload and incorrect installation.
  • Saving time and money – PoE removes the need for power cables installation and network cables don’t require a qualified electrician to be fitted.
  • Use existing IT networks – PoE cameras are a quick and simple addition to a security system and are easily scalable.
  • Flexibility – without the requirement of being closely located to an electrical outlet, it provides security cameras with the potential to be located wherever their optimum position is, as well as being easily repositioned if necessary.


For all the benefits of PoE security cameras there are a few points that should be taken into consideration:

Cable length – when planning your network it is important that the cables you use do not run over 100 meters. Longer cable lengths can result in voltage drop and result in an inefficient and problematic security system. The quality of the cable is also integral to the effective distance of a security camera.

PoE power injector – it is important to understand that a PoE power injector will help provide a consistent voltage to cameras from a non PoE capable switch to a PoE device, but it won’t help increase the distance of the data link over the 100 meter mark.