Mini Security Camera

360 Secure Solutions is proud to provide the very latest mini security camera technologies to meet your ever-changing security needs. Where once mini security cameras were used by the likes of private investigators and only offered a low-resolution recording option, technological developments have allowed these cameras to provide the same high quality video of a full sized camera, making them more viable for mainstream security needs.

Why Invest in a Mini Security Camera

Don’t be fooled by their small size, these models are able to provide high definition footage and are also incredibly customisable to suit your needs. Wireless mini cameras do not require an external DVR and are capable of recording hours of footage directly to an SD card.

This makes these cameras not only ideal as an accompaniment or alternative to regular sized CCTV cameras, but also allows you to use them on the go. If you are concerned about your property or own personal well being, then a mini camera can provide a level of reassurance.

Some of the Benefits of a Mini Security Camera

There are a wide variety of reasons why mini ‘covert’ cameras could be of benefit to your property. Whether you want a stationary camera that can be set up in the corner of a room or a camera hidden in a bookcase, there are unlimited placement possibilities.

Below are some of the key benefits of mini security cameras:

  • Cost If you want home or business security without the expense of a full system then mini security cameras are an ideal way to start. They can provide you with a video security system at a minimum cost.
  • HiddenCameras that are visible can be tampered with or vandalized, but a hidden camera they cannot see will ensure any criminal act is captured.
  • Less intimidatingThis point can act as both a strength and weakness; smaller cameras naturally have less presence and are therefore less intimidating. Whilst this may help people be at ease, it is less likely to deter criminals.
  • High definitionThe poor image quality of previous covert and mini security cameras is a thing of the past, making a mini security camera a valuable tool to both business and homeowners.