Mobile Security Camera

Mobile security cameras are unique systems that provide immediate protection and CCTV surveillance for businesses that are operating at temporary or remote sites. It is its mobile nature that is the key benefit of this camera, allowing it to be moved to different sites and quickly set up.

What is a Mobile Security Camera

A mobile security camera is an imposing structure that can be used as a low cost and reliable alternative to human guards. Typically the camera offers a 360° motion detection, providing every site with a comprehensive amount of cover. The built-in wireless transmission allows for remote viewing, from which expert staff monitors the footage and all incidents are recorded and responded to accordingly. They commonly feature a loudspeaker through which monitoring staff can warn potential trespassers or troublemakers.

These units come in a variety of forms, are wireless and can either be battery or solar powered. If you are interested in a mobile security camera, then they can be hired for varying lengths of time to suit your particular needs.

When a Mobile Security Camera Is Beneficial

Mobile security cameras can be bought or hired and come in useful in a variety of different scenarios.

Additional CCTV Surveillance
If you require temporary security in an area then this is an ideal solution. These cameras are used to monitor areas that are not already covered by existing CCTV. They will frequently be seen at building sites where expensive machinery is left overnight and other similar scenarios.

Antisocial Behaviour
If a certain area has fallen prey to a large amount of antisocial behaviour or crime, then these units can quickly be introduced as a deterrent and for monitoring.

Sport Matches
These units can easily be installed to monitor large numbers of peoples and spot any potential troublemakers. They provide a better view of the area than a regular security guard and are often used outside football grounds.

Events and Festivals
One of the most common uses for mobile security cameras, they are able to monitor events and be strategically placed around festivals to ensure the security and safety of the visitors.