Motorised CCTV Camera

Today there are a wide variety of motorised CCTV cameras available to choose from. Compared to a traditional fixed CCTV camera, a motorised model provides a much greater deal of versatility and benefits. It allows users to get clear auto focused images and to control the zoom and focus using a joystick, web interface or even a smartphone.

What is a Motorised CCTV Camera?

The name refers to a camera that can make pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) movements to find the footage they require. They are also known as PTZ cameras. ‘Pan’ and ‘tilt’ are rotations while ‘zoom’ is an internal movement of the camera lens. The mobility of a PTZ camera provides the user with a camera that is capable of doing a great deal more than a stationary CCTV camera that only looks over a specific area.

Some differences exist among motorized cameras. They can offer either manual or auto PTZ movements, and their zoom feature can be either digital zoom or optical zoom. Optical zoom requires motorized movements and provides better quality zoom than digital zoom.

There could be some concern regarding the long term movements of a motorized cctv causing wear and tear to the cabling. A good motorized camera has its cabling integrated with its housing, so you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Frequent Uses

Because motorised CCTV cameras provide users with the ability to capture footage of multiple angles, perspectives and large areas, they lend themselves very well to a variety of situations. These camera models are ideal for:

  • Rooftop surveillance
  • Parking lots
  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites

In particular, they come in handy for wide space areas where you can’t install a lot of cameras.

Some of the Benefits of a Motorised CCTV Camera:

If your property requires multiple camera installations, then investing in a motorised CCTV camera can significantly reduce the number of cameras required and also reduce the amount of manual work required, not only when fitting, but also maintaining your security system, especially as you do not need to physically adjust the cameras.

  • Control – These cameras provide the user with an exceptional amount of control, allowing you to track people and vehicles.
  • Autofocus – The cameras will automatically focus on the object it is directed at. This ensures there will always be a clear image; something that installed cameras will often struggle with, due to factors such as weather and temperature.
  • Deterrence – A moving camera is more likely to catch the attention of an intruder than a stationary camera and scare him off.
  • Large field of view – Depending on the location the camera is installed, they are able rotate a wide range of angles, up to 270 degrees. This makes them ideal when being used as surveillance over large, open areas.
  • – Motion trackingHigh-end motorized cameras can even be set to detect motion and then track the object or person that is moving. The camera will then automatically pan, zoom and tilt to effectively track the object. This is ideal if you cannot always have someone manually viewing the CCTV and it will help to gather video evidence.

One should also be advised that motorized CCTV cameras require more maintenance than non-motorized CCTV cameras, and they also tend to be more costly. Also, PTZ cameras usually cannot offer full 360 degree pan movement; to get 360 degrees of freedom, a fisheye dome camera is recommended.