Outdoor Security Camera

If you want to protect your business, family and property, then outdoor security cameras act as an ideal deterrent for criminals. We offer a wide selection of the best outdoor cameras, from wireless to solar powered systems that are guaranteed to meet your specific requirements.

Still on the fence about whether to install outdoor security cameras? Here’s all you need to know about them to help make up your mind.

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

One of the first things to understand is the difference between these two camera types. Outdoor security cameras are a lot more exposed to the elements; therefore they are designed to be weatherproof as well as tamperproof. Typically this means they are made with more durable materials, such as metal and are located higher up to maximise their surveillance area and to discourage easy removal.

General Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

With lots of models on the market it can be difficult to know which camera best suits your particular needs. Whilst each type of security camera has a specific use, there are key features that you should take note of:

  • Weather Resistant – a good outdoor security camera should be entirely weatherproof. It should have the capacity to withstand all types of weather, from extreme wind, to both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Image Quality – although security cameras act as a deterrent, it is important that their image quality is good enough to identify intruders if needs be. It is important to be aware of camera placement and how good the lighting is in the area; this should affect the camera resolution you choose.
  • Motion Detection – this technology is common in the majority of modern camera surveillance. It means the camera doesn’t start recording until movement is detected, making it ideal if you have limited server space for recorded footage.

Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

There are numerous benefits to setting up security cameras outside your property. The below list shows just a few of these.

  • A Deterrent – security cameras might be intended to capture footage but they also work as a strong deterrent to potential criminals, helping prevent a crime altogether.
  • Helping Police – if a theft or criminal act should occur, then your security camera can provide valuable information for the police.
  • Watching Outdoors – security cameras provide the opportunity for parents to keep an eye on their children or pets when they’re playing outdoors. Remote video technology allows you to check these cameras through your computer and even smartphone.
  • Saving Money on Insurance – it goes without saying that protecting your property results in lower insurance premiums. By having a monitored home security system in place you not only have added peace of mind but also save money at the same time.