Remote Security Camera

Just as we’re seeing a shift from cable television to streaming services, the introduction of remote security cameras is providing companies and homeowners with the ability to set up a security system when a traditional broadband connection is not available. This latest trend offers plenty of benefits, but is it the right choice for you?

What are Remote Security Cameras?

These are self-contained camera systems that use either 3G or 4G mobile technology to transmit data, just as you would when using your smartphone. By installing one of these remote security camera systems, you are able to create security systems in locations that would previously have not allowed it due to a lack of broadband connection.

The term “wireless” is often associated with Wi-Fi, when in actual fact it means “wire-less” and therefore can also refer to the use of 3G/4G transmissions. Remote 3G/4G cameras are a great replacement for areas without Wi-Fi connectivity or a mains power source, that still require surveillance.

The Benefits of Remote Security Cameras

There can be a considerable number of benefits to introducing remote security cameras with 3G/4G technology:

Flexibility – the biggest strength of using these cameras is the flexibility to set them up in the remotest locations that wouldn’t be possible with wired systems, whilst having all the same benefits of other IP cameras.

Cost Effective – rather than having to spend an excessive amount of money to set up an impractical security system in a remote area, these systems can be used to quickly create a temporary surveillance unit with a minimum of effort.


Easy Integration – once a 3G/4G camera has been introduced into your security system, it acts just like any other IP camera would.

Power – if access to a power supply is an issue, then these cameras can be combined with solar/battery power to ensure the system is always running.

Overall, these benefits offer users the security they require in a wide variety of locations without any unwanted issues or setup costs. Whether you want security in remote storage locations or even boat surveillance whilst in port.