PC Security Camera

Effective home security or surveillance doesn’t necessarily have to be comprised of multiple cameras and the very latest technologies. Rather the peace of mind that many homeowners want can be achieved by simply having a surveillance solution in their homes or offices. A PC security camera provides people with a simple and cost-effective method of surveillance, whether they want to keep an eye on a pet or on the kids, but there are considerations worth making.

What is a PC Security Camera?

This form of remote video surveillance allows users to view and record live video on a PC or laptop from anywhere they have Internet access. Users can gain access to this surveillance by using the IP address of the network security camera and this allows them to keep an eye on their homes.

Making Your Own Surveillance System

The majority of modern homes have a computer or laptop, therefore if you want to monitor your company or home, then all you technically need is a built-in or USB-connected webcam.

Software is available that allows you to playback security footage on your PC. This software shows recorded clips on a timeline, so you are able to see when the sensor has been triggered and the subsequent footage has been recorded. Certain software will also allow for alerts to be sent to you when motion is detected.

Potential Downsides to PC Security Cameras

Whilst PC security cameras are undoubtedly a cheap and affordable way for you to monitor a part of your home or office, there are a variety of downsides that should be considered.

– When using a PC webcam, you have to keep your PC on constantly. Over time, this could considerably affect your electricity bills and even result in a shortening of your PC’s life.

– Users are also limited by the location of their PC and how willing they are to trail USB extension cables around their home to the location they want surveillance of.

– A PC security camera offers barely any of the footage quality and features that a real security camera can offer a home or business.