Light Bulb Spy Camera

At 360 Security Solutions, we specialise in providing the very best hidden security cameras, giving you with the perfect CCTV solutions to suit your needs. The light bulb spy camera is one of the most creative and unique security cameras available; here we outline just how it could benefit you.

Why Use a Light Bulb Spy Camera?

You’d be forgiven for thinking light bulbs are used just to provide light, but the latest LED bulbs are also capable of housing wireless security cameras and even various other features such as 2-way audio intercoms.

Similar to a hidden ceiling fan camera, these cameras are perfect for both home and business use, and provide a covert method of observing and protecting your property. The strength of these cameras is that it is highly unlikely that an intruder will ever think to look for a camera in a light bulb, whilst traditional CCTV cameras can be seen and tampered with, these cameras will be left to record any criminal act.

A Bright Idea

Light bulbs spy cameras have the benefit of acting as a light bulb and a security camera; this means you’ll be introducing the spy camera into one of the most commonplace items in your home or office. The camera looks and functions exactly as you’d expect a normal light bulb to, but the introduction of a discreet camera with Wi-Fi connectivity means you’re able to watch a live video feed from anywhere in the world.

Don’t be deceived by the size of these cameras, they record in HD resolution, so you can rest assured that you’ll be capturing every detail. The cameras are also maneuverable, allowing you to find the best view angle.

When is a Bulb Camera Suitable?

This type of camera has many different benefits to both home and offices. Whether you want it to act as a nanny cam or if you want to gather evidence of an employee stealing, or find inappropriate behavior in your workplace. There truly are countless possibilities for this type of camera and the wide viewing angle allows you to cover the majority of most room sizes.

If you’re interested in a degree of home security without going overboard with CCTV cameras, then hidden cameras function in a very similar way without providing the physical deterrent of noticeable security cameras. But with modern features such as motion-detection and much more, these cameras can help you gather evidence, notify the police and the intruders that they are being recorded.