Nanny Camera

Nanny cameras are an increasingly popular tool that helps protect your children and keep a watchful eye on them when you’re not present. At 360 Security Solutions, we take pride in providing the very latest and discreet hidden security cameras so you can ensure your loved ones are safe.

The Benefits of Nanny Cameras

We all know that hidden cameras provide a method of discreetly viewing your office or home when you’re not there. They allow you to see intruders or employees who aren’t behaving correctly. A nanny camera acts in a similar fashion, giving parents the ability to monitor a nanny when they’re looking after their children.

If you find the thought of leaving your children in the hands of another person, whether you know them or they’re watching your child for the first time, then these cameras can help give peace of mind.

Protecting What’s Important

Keeping an eye on a babysitter and ensuring your child’s safety is a major concern for parents. When you leave your child in the hands of someone else, a hidden camera means you are never truly leaving your child unattended.

The hidden cameras we stock provide HD resolution recording, motion-detection and can covertly capture an entire room when positioned correctly. Connect the camera to a Wi-Fi network and you can check in on your children and home whenever you feel like it!

The Solution for your Needs

Our nanny cameras work like any other camera, the only significant difference is that they’re hidden from sight inside an object. Nanny cameras can be hidden in any object, from a child’s toy to a clock, or even a photo frame!

These cameras record clear, motion-activated video footage, so you can be alerted when the camera is activated. The footage is recorded to an SD card; the same used by all digital cameras and can be transferred to a computer for further storage.

Whatever your needs, we guarantee we have the camera to suit you!