Wired Security Camera

360 Secure Solutions brings you the very best wired security cameras to meet all your home and business security needs. Wired security cameras offer a reliable alternative to wireless models and differ in that they require users to run data cables from the device to a monitor. These models require a higher degree of installation than wireless models, but do have their distinct benefits.

How They Work

Wired cameras don’t need to convert the electrical signals into wireless signals to pass information and record. Instead, the information is compressed and transferred as data through the cables and directly to the setup monitor and recording device. This makes wired security cameras a lot harder to interfere with and therefore you don’t have to be concerned by external factors such as weather, radio frequencies etc.

This makes these cameras not only ideal as an accompaniment or alternative to regular sized CCTV cameras, but also allows you to use them on the go. If you are concerned about your property or own personal well being, then a mini camera can provide a level of reassurance.

Some of the Benefits of a Mini Security Camera

There are a wide variety of reasons why mini ‘covert’ cameras could be of benefit to your property. Whether you want a stationary camera that can be set up in the corner of a room or a camera hidden in a bookcase, there are unlimited placement possibilities.

  • No signal interference – wired cameras do not require a wireless signal, but provide users with a reliable image, thanks to the use of a cable to transfer power and data. This means there is no interference from mobile phones, wireless networks and other technology.
  • Difficult to hack – as wired security cameras are separate from wireless networks, this makes them particularly difficult for intruders to hack.
  • Stable signal – some places may have physical movement of goods, vehicles, or other physical objects which may change the strength of the wireless signal between a wireless camera and its receiver. A wired camera will not face this issue.

Situations Where Wired Setup is More Suitable

There are many instances where wired security cameras can be of benefit to companies. Wired cameras can be a more reliable option for offices, as these environments can typically have a lot of interference from phones, wireless networks and microwaves.

The use of a power distribution box makes it possible for over 10 cameras to be powered by one unit. This removes the need for multiple power supplies. The recording mediums for wired cameras – DVRs for analog cameras and NVRs for digital cameras – also support systems of more than 10 cameras. This provides companies with a wide variety of options when it comes to surveillance.

Wired cameras are more effective for short distances up to 20 metres. Wired analog cameras have a range of about 20 metres. Wired digital cameras or IP cameras have data cables which can go up to 200 metres, but their power source must be closer (50 metres). POE cameras are limited to a range of 30-50 metres.