Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera

With no need for an electrical outlet to power them, battery operated wireless security cameras provide a good deal of flexibility and opportunity when it comes to introducing CCTV to your business, property or home. Battery operated models aren’t the most common security camera on the market, but like any model they have their strengths and weaknesses.


A ‘Wireless’ Option
Battery operated wireless cameras offer users the most ‘wireless’ security camera on the market. Due to having their own individual power source there is little to no need for wires. This also means that you aren’t limited by having to remain close to a electrical power outlet and won’t have to do any extensive power cable fitting.

Strategic Placement
Linked to the product’s wirelessness, the main attraction of using a battery operated security camera is that you will be able to have greater control of placement and maximise the benefit of having a security camera. Having to choose a location based upon available electrical outlets is often limiting and can result in a less efficient placement.

Simple Setup
It isn’t uncommon to read about ‘simple CCTV camera setup’, but a battery operated wireless security camera truly is hassle free. As well as not having to worry about cables, often there is no need to even install software, all that is required is a router, Internet connection and computer, and then you’ll be able to quickly setup your entire network.


Truly Wireless – due to their lack of wires and without the need for being near an electrical outlet, these camera models can be placed anywhere you want them to be.

Weatherproof – these camera types are perfect for outdoor use. They are commonly made with weather resistant materials and are can comfortably deal with wind, rain, snow and dust.

Camera Type – the majority of battery operated wireless security cameras are made to a high standard, therefore you can rely on them to provide a clear and good quality image. They are also available in a variety of styles to suit your needs, though they’re most commonly used as bullet cameras.


Battery Size – depending on the model type, battery powered CCTV cameras often rely on large batteries (very often the size of car batteries) and this can sometimes affect placement.

Battery Life – as batteries are the only power source for these cameras it is necessary to keep them charged or replace them. If the battery dies or there is an issue with it then the feed will be affected.