Security Camera Price

Having complete trust in the safety and security of your home is priceless, but in reality cost is also an important consideration that must be payed attention to when it comes to security camera prices. With CCTV becoming a common fixture in businesses, public places and homes, there is more demand than ever for effective and affordable security systems.

But what is the smartest and most affordable way to create a quality security system for your business or home? At 360 Secure Solutions we believe that a wise initial investment in a security system package not only gives you immediately better security but also costs a lot less than if you were to buy components individually and over time.

Finding The Price That’s Right

The typical security system is fairly straightforward. The majority of these consist of four or more cameras that connect to one DVR and its storage. If you’re looking for a good version of this typical security setup then you should be expecting to pay at least $1,000.

It is possible to get a security system with four cameras and suitable storage space for anywhere around $350, alternatively you could spend upwards of $3,000. What needs to be made apparent is that if you choose the cheaper option, you’ll get what you pay for.

The Advantages of Buying Security Camera Systems

There are several immediate benefits to a buying a sensibly priced security camera package over purchasing one camera at a time, especially if you own a growing business or require surveillance for a large area.

  • IP cameras are scalable; this means you can add more to the NVR at any time without causing any issues.
  • It is cost-efficient and timesaving in the long-run as you aren’t required to purchase products individually.
  • You will also receive a better deal if you invest in a package over individual products.
  • Setting up a camera security system isn’t as simple as investing in one IP camera, there are a host of other technologies required that are included in package deals.

Security costs


Often consumers will think short term with their security systems and will look to “save money” buy only purchasing one product at a time. But buy doing this you may be missing out on the tech support and repairs that are included in a package system. These costs are often overlooked, and ongoing monitoring cost is actually one of the main financial components of security systems after the purchase price.


When purchasing a DIY security camera separately from a package deal, you will often be 100% responsible for its maintenance, repairs and any replacement costs. By investing in a monitored system, you will have the protection of warranty and either free or reduced cost support, repairs and even replacements.

There are many other factors that should be considered when considering how to buy a CCTV security system:

  • Software cost
  • Cloud storage cost
  • Power consumption cost
  • Installation time and difficulty

Ultimately, investing in a security package is the same as buying a new ready-to-use car, whereas buying individual security products is the equivalent of making your own car from scratch and paying for each piece.