DVR Hybrid Systems

DVR hybrid systems are known as Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs) and are quickly becoming a popular method for businesses to evolve their security systems, allowing them to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to camera types. Here we take a closer look at exactly how hybrid systems work and how they can benefit you.

What is a Hybrid System?

HVRs are compatible with both analogue and IP cameras; this means that businesses are able to effectively combine a mixture of analogue and IP cameras without having to use multiple recording devices. These systems can convert existing analogue cameras to IP-based signals for recording by IP NVRs or use IP cameras to send analogue signals to analogue DVRs.

Benefits of HVRs

One of the main attractions of investing in an HVR is that it allows you to utilise your existing security system (analogue, for instance), whilst also allowing the addition of the latest high resolution wireless IP cameras into the same system, without rebuilding your security system from scratch. There are a number of benefits of this approach:

Cost – when upgrading your cameras using a hybrid system, you are still able to connect your existing cameras to the DVR part of the system, whilst also adding IP cameras easily too. This means you are reducing the costs of upgrading by still using existing components, instead of having a complete overhaul.

Flexibility – hybrid systems afford the user flexibility; if you don’t need HD recording from each of your cameras, then the ability to use lower resolution analogue cameras alongside higher resolution IP cameras where required is ideal.

Greater Coverage – by combining both wired and wireless cameras, you are able to create the coverage you want without having to install and run unsightly cables. Often wired cameras can be troublesome to install, but the flexibility of a hybrid system means you can easily install a wireless camera in its place without having to be concerned with installing new cables.

Planning – if you want to implement a security system but also plan for future expansion, then a hybrid system has many benefits. By introducing a hybrid system, you can use your existing analogue cameras and also gradually introduce the latest IP cameras as and when you can afford to.