Dahua Hybrid DVR

At 360 Security Solutions, we are proud to provide our customers with products from the most renowned companies in the surveillance industry. We understand that the needs of businesses are ever changing, by offering the likes of Dahua Hybrid DVRs, we can ensure you have a security system that is flexible and can meet your present and future surveillance needs.

About Dahua

Dahua Technology is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. With the second highest market share of the global video surveillance equipment market in 2015 (according to IHS 2016 report), the company is committed to providing the highest quality products with the latest technology to enable their users to perform their business successfully.

Dahua’s 4/8/16 Channel Effio 960H 2U

Dahua offers a range of hybrid DVRs to suit the needs of growing and established businesses. The Effio offers 4, 8 or 16 channels and dual-core CPU high performance recording software, ideal for small to medium businesses where you need to deploy both analog and IP based CCTV surveillance cameras.


  • H.264 dual-stream video compression
  • All channel synchronous real-time playback, GRID interface & smart search
  • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS (DSS/PSS) & DMSS
  • Full channel real-time recording

Why Use a Dahua Hybrid DVR?

There are numerous instances when it is necessary for a business to upgrade their DVR security system. This is often due to companies wanting to introduce IP based cameras, but usually means there are going to be a number of existing analog cameras and associated equipment already installed. Rather than your previous surveillance system going to waste, investing in a hybrid DVR allows IP cameras to be added on top of your existing security without the need for an entirely new system.

At 360 Security Solutions, it is our goal to not only provide the best security surveillance products for our customers, but also to help educate you so you can find the perfect product to protect your business.