16 Channel DVR

A 16 channel DVR (digital video recorder) security camera system provides users with a good deal of surveillance, ideal for large warehouses and big businesses. For companies who take their security seriously, by opting for a larger DVR you are able to provide greater coverage both indoor and outdoors, increasing security, employee safety and reducing the likelihood of a crime occurring.

At 360 Security Solutions, we provide a wide range of DVRs to suit your needs. These models are ideal for larger businesses, warehouses, public areas and much more.

What Are Multi Channel DVRs?

Multi channel DVRs are security-recording systems that support more than 1 channel. The term ‘channels’ refers to the number of cameras the DVR can support. Our 16 channel DVRs will therefore support up to 16 cameras on their network.

How Many Channels Do You Need?

The number of channels you need depends entirely on the size of the

area you want covered and how comprehensive you would like the coverage to be. Generally speaking, a 16 channel DVR is intended for companies who want a strong coverage of cameras in an area. It is undoubtedly too much for the average small business or homeowner, who are better suited to a 4 channel DVR.

16 channel DVRs also offer the opportunity for a company to invest in the DVR and gradually add security cameras over time, rather than purchasing a smaller DVR and having to replace it with a larger one when they need more security camera coverage.

The Benefits of a 16 Channel DVR

The most obvious benefit of having more channels in your DVR system is the opportunity to support more cameras. Using a 16 channel DVR allows the user to connect 16 cameras and monitor all of the activity that occurs on the property.

Modern businesses undoubtedly require a lot of video surveillance, not only to deter criminals but also to aid in police investigations and provide evidence in the event of an accident, or a customer or employee making a claim. By having more surveillance, you are giving yourself protection from the likes of false claims and more.

Having the option of installing 16 cameras also means that you’re able to improve your security system over time and add or adjust cameras to remove any blind spots in the coverage.