32 Channel DVR

Camera channels are a vital aspect of CCTV surveillance systems and if you own a large property or business, it’s likely you’re going to require a quality system with plenty of available channels to provide the surveillance you need. At 360 Security Solutions we bring you a variety of 32 channel DVRs designed specifically to suit these unique needs.

Understanding DVR Channels

The meaning of channels in video surveillance is different to the one we associate with television. And like any important investment, it pays to have an understanding of the product you’re looking at before investing in it.

Channels play an integral role in DVRs and the potential size of your security system. A 32 channel DVR is the highest number of channels available on the market and allows for 32 cameras to be connected to your system.

When to Consider 32 Channel DVRs

A 32 channel DVR is traditionally used for professional CCTV surveillance, such as large banks and sports stadiums, although it is a potential option for large homes. All of this depends on the requirements of the security and how thorough you choose to be, obviously in the instances of a bank or large retail department store it is necessary to cover as many angles as possible to reduce potential loss.

The Advantages of 32 Channels

Put simply, a 32 channel DVR gives the user a great degree of flexibility and options when it comes to creating their security network. It isn’t necessary to invest in 32 cameras in one go, instead they can be added over time, though typically if a large company installed this system they’d likely require all of the cameras.

32 cameras may seem excessive, but in the scenario of a casino it is necessary to monitor all the activity of every casino table to ensure there is no unscrupulous behaviour occurring. Ultimately, if you require surveillance over a wide indoor and outdoor area then a 32 channel DVR is the ideal solution.