4 Channel DVR

4 Channel DVRs have become one of the most popular and important additions to security surveillance systems in the 21st century. We all understand the importance of security cameras in modern society, and the creation of digital video recorders help us to record more of what’s going on around us in our businesses and homes.

What Are Multi Channel DVRs?

Multi channel DVRs essentially support more than 1 channel (camera). The term ‘channels’ in video surveillance refers to the number of cameras the DVR can support. Therefore a 4 channel DVR is able to support 4 surveillance cameras, 8 channels supports 8 cameras, and so on.

These DVRs are typically available in groups of four, with a 4 channel DVR being the most popular for the average customer, as they won’t tend to need more than 4 cameras to meet their security needs.

Why Use a 4 Channel DVR

4 Channel DVRs are ideal for smaller businesses and are becoming more popular in homes. Often people will be content to install one or two security cameras, outside and inside their homes or property, a DVR makes this process incredibly simple and also provides room for additional cameras to be added at a later date with a minimum of fuss.

By investing in a 4 channel DVR, you are able to save all of your footage onto a hard disk drive. The DVRs can also take advantage of each camera’s features, whether motion detection or timed recording.

Having additional free channels in your DVR system gives the ability to develop and customize your security without having to invest in additional processing equipment. This is a factor well worth taking into account if you are starting a growing business and don’t want to invest in entirely new equipment because you didn’t take the need for future additional surveillance into account.