8 Channel DVR

8 Channel DVRs give users a greater deal of flexibility in how they can implement a security system. Security has become incredibly important for businesses, homes and property, and DVRs provide an ideal implementation method that allows you to tailor your surveillance system to your ever-changing security needs.

At 360 Security Solutions, we provide a wide range of DVRs to suit your needs. These models are ideal for small to large businesses, warehouses, public areas and much more.

What Are Multi Channel DVRs?

Multi channel DVRs essentially support more than 1 channel. The term ‘channels’ in video surveillance refers to the number of cameras the DVR can support. Therefore a 4 channel DVR allows 4 surveillance cameras, 8 channels supports 8 cameras, and so on.

How many Channels Can a Security DVR System Support?

DVR systems are capable of supporting anywhere from 4 to 32 channels. The number of channels you need depends entirely on the size of the area you want covered and how comprehensive you would like the coverage to be. With 4 channel DVRs being the starting point for many smaller businesses, if you’re looking to expand or simply cover a wide area, such as a warehouse, then an 8 channel DVR provides additional flexibility and coverage options.

Why Use an 8 Channel DVR?

8 channel DVRs are typically chosen if you either have a large area that your security cameras need to cover, or if you are looking at the long-term security of your property. Startup businesses, especially the likes of retail, will benefit from the ability to easily add security cameras to their system to improve visibility. If you notice blind spots in the surveillance’s coverage then being able to add another camera without having to make any changes to the system saves a lot of time, effort and money.

Overall, 8 channel DVRs are for larger properties or if you are expecting to expand your security surveillance over time, investing in more cameras when you are able to and therefore reducing the need to buy a different, larger DVR at a later date.