Portable Security Camera Recorder

At 360 Security Solutions we offer our customers a selection of portable security camera recorders that are suitable for a range of surveillance scenarios. These products are designed to ensure flexibility and give the user the ability to access footage in a wide variety of circumstances.

Why Use a Portable Security Camera Recorder?

Portable recorders are an ideal solution to your covert security needs or if you require a discreet monitor for viewing CCTV footage. These monitors have a built-in receiver that picks up the signal from a wireless security camera and shows it on the screen. They also allow you to record the footage directly into the recorders in built memory or onto an external memory card if preferred.

This type of surveillance recorder is ideal when you’re trying to capture footage for shorter durations, or where you’re in a relatively remote area and a wireless camera is the only possible option due to poor access to mains power. It’s also a practical tool for home security users who don’t want to tie their video surveillance down to a static monitor, with the portable recorder allowing you to carry it around the house.

A Smart Solution

Portable recorders are often known as portable DVRs and can be compact enough to fit in your pocket. It is a professional unit ideal for those looking to record high quality footage without consuming a lot of your home or workspace with surveillance equipment.

The high resolution recording makes them ideal for a wide variety of scenarios and professions; from investigative journalism, to police work, professional drivers and a practical home security option.

If you’re considering investing in a portable recorder that can be used in conjunction with a worn camera then we have collected the finest products available on the market to help secure your personal safety and that of others too.

For more information on the products provided be sure to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to offer honest and professional advice.