IP Camera Viewer

At 360 Security Solutions we provide our customers with the very best IP camera viewer products. These viewers allow users to set up a video monitoring system in a matter of minutes from their desktop computer. The software is designed to allow users to view live footage from USB and IP cameras from their own computers and shouldn’t be mistaken with mobile security camera apps that are intended for smartphones.

Why Use an IP Camera Viewer?

Whether you want to increase your home security or add an extra pair of eyes to your office, IP camera viewers allow you to do so without the need for excessive amounts of surveillance equipment. It is possible to view multiple IP cameras directly from your computer and control these feeds simultaneously.

We’re all familiar with using computers and thus the computer-based camera viewer is something everyone can quickly familiarise themselves with. Easy-to-use menus make these systems easy for both new and experienced security surveillance users.

Higher Resolution

IP cameras use a digital format that provides a higher quality image than analog cameras, making it possible to get super-high imagery even when zooming in to an object.

Future Proof

Computers and their programs are easily updatable, by opting for an IP camera and viewer app, you’re ensuring your security system stays up to date with you rather than having to replace it.

Features of IP Viewers

IP Camera Viewers allow users to create a system that suits their exact needs, making it ideal for both business and personal use. IP viewers also have many notable features that make them a legitimate security surveillance system option, these include:

Live Previewing

  • Control and view multiple camera feeds simultaneously
  • Use IP cameras or Webcams for surveillance from your computer
  • Supports most IP camera models

Camera Control

  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom support for many network cameras
  • Capable of digitally zooming, even if your camera does not support it
  • Adjust the orientation of live feeds

Advanced Functions

  • Adjust image settings for IP camera
  • Capture various formats, including JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264
  • Listen to live audio from Webcams