Mobile Security Camera App

Mobile security camera apps allow users to protect their home from intruders and keep an eye on the kids and pets even when you’re far away. By owning a smartphone you have the potential to enjoy the many benefits of mobile security monitoring, which is an ever-growing tool in both home and business security.

How do Mobile Security Apps Work

First of all, there are a variety of different surveillance applications available on the market and it is important not to mistake mobile security camera apps with the desktop apps that are available. The mobile apps are viewers intended for use with your phone or tablet, making surveillance footage available to you anywhere you go.

There are two types of apps that manufacturers develop, either proprietary or apps, and it is worth knowing the difference:


These are the apps that have been developed by companies specifically for their own systems – a Panasonic specific app for a Panasonic IP camera. The benefit of this is that the app has been tailor-made for the system, and the company is also responsible for their own updates etc.

Companies that choose not to develop their own apps will instead make their systems and technology compatible with an app designed by As an industry leader, provides apps that work with a wide range of security surveillance companies.

What to Take Into Consideration

If you’re interested in using a mobile security camera app then it’s worth considering what features would benefit you most. All apps aren’t built equally, some are capable of allowing the user to control the pan, tilt and zoom of the camera, two-way audio, viewing live feeds from multiple cameras and other important features such as instant alarm notifications.

Knowing whether the likes of two-way audio and these other features suit your needs is not only important in setting up an effective surveillance system but it can also help you save unnecessary spending on both cameras and apps.