Security Camera Reviews

There are many varieties of camera models that are available in the market, such as waterproof models, wireless, or night vision models. You will have to be sure which one fulfills your requirements before investing in them. The best way is to do some research first by reading security camera reviews that are available in the internet before deciding.

When you are looking for a security camera system, it is always important to ask yourself what are your must-have requirements and good-to-have requirements. Once this list is done up, you can proceed to do some research from the security camera reviews online. Some of the selection criteria are:

  • Low-light or Night viewing requirement (infra-red cameras)
  • Wiring constraints: Consider wireless models
  • Deployment scenarios: Digital cameras (IP cameras) vs Analogue cameras
  • Camera style: Dome cameras for less obtrusive design vs Bullet cameras
  • Camera locations and area of coverage: Wide angle cameras vs Zoom cameras
  • Type of Recording required: Centralised depository for security camera feed via NVR or DVR versus on-camera SD card recording
  • Web Accessibility: View video footage on your smart phones through the internet
  • Picture quality: Decide on HD, FHD and Frames per second needed. This will affect storage space for camera feed.
  • Outdoor surveillance: Will need to consider weather-proof and vandal-proof designs

In this section, we have some reviews of the most commonly used camera models and systems in Singapore. Do feel free to check back with us should you need any help in terms of recommendations of suitable models.