IP Camera Singapore Review

If you’re trying to find the best IP security cameras to suit your needs then our IP camera Singapore reviews are intended to help save you your precious time and money! At 360 Security Solutions it’s out job to make sure your business and home have the protection they deserve and you can trust we only bring you the most reliable reviews and quality products.

Why use IP Camera?

There are a wide variety of security cameras on the market but none have made quite as much of an impact as IP cameras have over recent years. IP cameras are capable of sending and receiving data via a computer network and the Internet, allowing users to access both live feed and recorded footage almost anywhere and anytime they want.

The benefit of these cameras is that they are almost all run on digital interfaces, which makes them compatible with most of the technologies available. This makes it possible for you to have eyes on your business or home even if you aren’t nearby.

We offer reviews of the likes of D-Link’s DCS-5030L, which offers users a cloud IP camera with 24/7 monitoring and video feed access from wherever you are. Combined with pan tilt zoom and infrared functions that make it a viable option for businesses and homes.

Who are IP Cameras Suitable for?

IP cameras have practical uses for both home and business scenarios, here we outline why:

Home Use

The compact and discreet nature of IP cameras makes them a much more appealing proposition for homeowners than the traditional business security cameras people are accustomed to. The wireless nature of security cameras also makes installation incredibly easy and allows for constant manipulation to cover new angles and areas as you see appropriate.

These IP cameras run through your computer and can be recorded directly to Cloud applications for convenience and easy monitoring, meaning there’s no need for bulky physical storage to occupy your home, which is especially useful in smaller homes.

For Business Use

IP cameras offer a diverse variety of applications for businesses, providing a broad range of resolutions that users can choose between depending on their requirements. IP cameras can have up to 4x the resolution of analog cameras, making gathering evidence and tracking suspects a lot easier and effective.

 Combine this with the cameras ease of installation and scalability (with no limit to the number of IP cameras that can be connected to a network) and you have a highly customisable and intuitive security system.