Security Camera System Reviews

With so many different security camera manufacturers and products on the market it can often be a daunting prospect finding the right security for you. At 360 Security Solutions we’re here to make your life that little bit easier by providing security camera system reviews from our expert team to help make finding the right security system for your home and business a pleasure rather than a chore.

Why Finding the Right Security Camera System Matters

Whether you have a business or are renting or own a home, we all want the comfort of knowing all our hard work and possessions are protected whilst we’re not there. Where once an alarm system was adequate, today there’s not only an increased risk of theft but also technology has advanced to the point where we have much more control over our surveillance and security.

Security camera systems are undoubtedly an invaluable tool but this doesn’t make finding the right one for you any easier! So we’ve done the groundwork for you in order to save you time and money.

How we Review Security Camera Systems

With so many security camera systems on the market it can be difficult to find the perfect one to suit your specific needs. Of course they are all capable of the basic functions of detecting an event, recording it and alerting you of it, it is the specific features that each of these systems provides that distinguish them from one another. In our reviews we fully outline not only the basic features of each security system but also the most integral ones to ensure you’re fully aware of what to expect from the system:



Different systems offer varying levels of alerts to the user. Alerts are an important method of informing you of camera activation without requiring 24/7 watched surveillance. Different systems have anything from one detection method to several combined ones – from sound, motion, or even face – that then activate an alert.

Video Recording

Manufacturers offer a variety of different video storage options, from physical storage at the premises to Cloud storage that requires a monthly subscription. Storage is a vital aspect of a security system that dictates the quality you can record the footage at, how often it needs to be deleted and if there is a long running cost to consider.

Manufacturer Specific Features

Many manufacturers offer unique features that distinguish their security systems from others, these features are often optional additions to a system that can be valuable but may be unnecessary to many users. We outline any unique features and whether they are worthwhile or just an excuse for a higher price.