Our Security Camera Services

Setting up a security camera system is an important project as it provides safety assurance to you. Some of you like to do it yourself (DIY) to set up the system to save cost. However, it is always best leave it to the professionals as you can rely on their expertise, save time and have assurance that the system will work properly.

360 Secure Solutions is proud to introduce our one stop security camera service that covers the following:

Assessment Service

360 Secure Solutions professional technicians can provide site survey and assessments free of charge. Our quotation will include full detailed recommendations with schematic drawings when needed. We are here to ensure our solution meets your security needs.

As part of the assessment, we will also establish your security monitoring requirements and design your security camera system with this in mind.

Installation Service

360 Secure Solutions installation partners who have many years of experience in installations offer a one stop service that will ensure the cameras after installation are aimed, focused and adjusted properly.

The installation service will be done by a professional technician and the installation will cover the labour to mount the camera(s), run all cables from the cameras to the DVR or set up wireless access to the router, and make all low voltage electrical and video connections.

Upon commissioning, we will provide on-site training and ongoing telephone support during the warranty period.

Maintenance Service

In addition to the manufacturing warranty, we also provide customized packages for extended warranty, routine maintenance, same day repair and replacement and ongoing telephone support.

Monitoring Service

360 Secure Solutions have partners manning a CCTV monitoring station which operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Some properties require monitoring 24/7, others only require this service during the hours the business or property is vacant or unmanned.

We can provide live interactive monitoring of your site using broadband internet or 4G connection. When intruders are detected or suspicious activity is being observed, our operators can communicate directly with you or the local police control room in seconds if required.

360 Secure Solutions can also build audible loud speakers into any system which would enable our operators to verbally broadcast audio and deter individuals before a crime is even committed.

Why Choose 360 Secure Solutions

Our 5-point Service Pledge:

  • Meeting your expectation and service satisfaction
  • Service at your convenient time
  • Training you to use your system
  • Remedy any defect in workmanship for up to 90 days
  • Respect your premises as if it were our own