Security Camera Solutions for Home or Business

360 Secure Solutions takes security to the next level and provides hassle-free security camera solutions for home and business users. Our experienced team is dedicated to designing open and integrated systems that just work seamlessly. With an industry-leading approach and cutting-edge technology in open systems design and the development of strategic alliances and partnerships, we truly understand the value that comes with working together to deliver fully integrated video security solutions.

Our process

A surveillance solution involves a number of stages including:
  • User requirements analysis
  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Selection of right technology
  • Product installation
  • Testing
  • Secure storage and accessibility
  • Maintenance and after sale support

If you are a home user

360 Secure Solutions provides video surveillance for home users to protect their loved ones and property. We have experts to advise you on the perfect solution to your needs. Digital video surveillance technology has revolutionized the physical security industry, it was once affordable only to large enterprises, but several factors have changed that picture and now it is under the reach of home users.

You may consider the following cases where you need a surveillance solution:

  • See who is at your front door, especially at night
  • Use it as a video baby monitor.
  • Know what’s going on with your kids when you are away
  • Monitor an elderly family member to avoid any bad incident.
  • Protect your house when you are overseas and protect your property from theft.

We have implemented our solution for the following home users:

  • HDB houses
  • Executive apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Landed houses
  • Studio houses

If you are a small, medium or large enterprise

No matter the size of your business, video surveillance is needed to provide you with real time monitoring of your business and protect your business from theft and insurance liability, ensure productivity, and satisfy compliance and audit requirements. These results impact on your profitability.

Our solution specialists are here to provide you free consultation to understand your security concerns, identify potential security loopholes, and design the quality security camera solution that provides fool-proof protection for your enterprise.

We are experts in implementing our solution for the following type of business:
  • Offices
  • Warehouses with high ceiling
  • Refrigerated cold rooms
  • Parameter fences
  • Maritime vessels / ships
  • Retail shops and shopping centres
  • Restaurants and F&B outlets
  • Condominium common areas
  • Schools
  • Airports