Professional Security Camera Systems for Business

Businesses often find themselves searching for a suitable security camera system that meets their needs and offers a high price-performance ratio. Here at 360 Secure Solutions, we offer a wide range of security camera systems for businesses to choose from.

Our security camera solutions for business :


We are able to propose suitable security camera solutions for different environments. Some of the business environments that we have successfully implemented security camera systems include the following:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses with high ceiling
  • Refrigerated cold rooms
  • Parameter fences
  • Ships
  • Retail shops and shopping centers
  • Restaurants and F&B outlets
  • Condominium common areas
  • Schools
  • Airports


Our team of experienced installers will ensure a quality installation job for our customers. We adopt best practices based on industry norms and our own wealth of experience. This is to ensure a successful implementation phase with a smooth transition into the ownership and maintenance phase.

Reliable Hardware

Our hardware partners have been rigorously evaluated to ensure that the hardware products chosen and proposed for our customers are of good quality and reliable. Also, we will require our hardware partners to supply us with cameras and recorders which are modular in nature. This will assist our customers to lower their total cost of ownership in terms of repairs and maintenance upon expiry of the warranty period.

Post-Sales Support

We have a team of engineers and technicians who are on standby to attend to any equipment incidents based on the respective SLA (Service Level Agreement) that our customers will need. We also provide onsite warranty and maintenance services with options for hardware loaner for customers with more mission-critical requirements. Such support is available for office hours and after office hours.

Monitoring Solutions

We have teamed up with reputable service providers to provide our customers with an end to end solution. Not only do we provide the consultancy and installation services, we will also be able to provide onsite monitoring services on behalf of our customers.