Security Camera for Office

When running a business, it is integral to keep both your company and employees safe. Office-based companies can benefit so much from introducing security cameras both outside and inside their premises that it is often considered mandatory for them to do so. Security cameras for offices can be introduced in a variety of ways, acting as anything from a visual deterrent, to providing a constant reassuring presence and ensuring a safe work environment.

The Best Office Security

Video surveillance systems no longer have to be prominent objects in the workplace. We provide a wide range of the most technologically advanced as well as traditional CCTV cameras for your company. These systems allow you to check the footage from inside your office as well as from a remote feed such as a smartphone.

  • Wireless CCTV Cameras</strong> – providing offices with an easy to install option that has fewer unsightly installation wires. These cameras are a staple of both outside and indoor surveillance.
  • Hidden Cameras – if you’re look for incognito surveillance in your office then these discreet cameras provide a clever and unnoticeable way to add surveillance.
  • Night Vision Cameras – if you’re concerned about the security of your office at night, then night vision CCTVs maintains a high quality image throughout the night to keep your company safe.

The Benefits of Office Security Cameras

There are numerous benefits to having security cameras for offices; even their presence helps deter potential intruders. Here are the other reasons they are an essential part of an office’s setup:

  • It’s Mandatory for Many Offices – CCTV is quite rightly an expected measure for the vast majority of offices in Singapore. From monitoring workers to preventing theft, it is undoubtedly a smart investment for businesses.
  • Safe Working Environment – the presence of security cameras can help prevent anything from theft to sexual harassment. As we mentioned, all employees have the right to feel safe at work and this is a simple measure to take to ensure that security.
  • Provides Evidence – in the event of an accident, theft or claim being made, offices with security cameras will be able to provide vital information.
  • 24/7 Surveillance – whilst you might not be concerned about the safety of your office when you are present in office, CCTV is an ideal way to give you the same peace of mind when you are away from the office.