School Security Camera

Safety and security are reasonable expectations for anyone who sends their children to school, for the teachers and the rest of the staff. School security cameras can play a vital part in providing this necessary protection without creating an overly oppressive mood.

We believe it is important to take a balanced approach to school security and the use of CCTV cameras. From nurseries, to schools and universities, special considerations are made specifically for every environment to guarantee the students’ safety as well as their rights.

Why CCTV Is Required In Education

It is important that each school’s specific needs are taken into account, from the age of the students, the size of the school and the reasons for surveillance.

  • Nurseries – the main reasons for providing CCTV in nurseries is to prevent unauthorized access, improve safety and also provide an additional set of eyes to look after the children.
  • Schools – schools are incredibly busy buildings, making keeping track of who is coming and going incredibly difficult. School security cameras allow you to monitor hallways, prevent vandalism, control who comes in and keep both students and teachers safe.
  • Colleges & Universities – the sheer size of these learning centres make CCTV cameras integral to keeping them secure. From 24/7 monitoring, to covering common area and cafeterias, there are many ways cameras can help increase security.

What To Consider With School Security

Knowing the amount of security you require at your school can be difficult, but as an experienced provider of high quality security systems in Singapore, we’re able to help give you exactly what you need. Before you begin, why not consider the following questions:

  • What security do you currently have in place at your school?
  • Is there a particular issue that you think needs attention?
  • Is the surrounding area safe or prone to crime?
  • Are there areas of the school where more incidents occur?

The Benefits Of School Security Cameras

  • Increased Safety – we put security measures in place around schools so that neither your teachers nor students have to worry about being at any risk.
  • Reduced Issues – CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent that can prevent everything from vandalism to playground fights. In the event they do occur, there’ll be footage available to help find those responsible.
  • Visitor Monitoring – an important consideration in all schools today. Security cameras can help provide the right amount of access control, ensuring any visitors are properly accounted for, giving everyone peace of mind.