Warehouse Security Camera System

Warehouses are an important asset to an organization. They are holding locations for large volumes of products – large quantities of any product will have significant monetary value. Keeping your warehouse secure is extremely important, to protect your inventory assets and maintain cash flow for your business and keep to delivery commitments for your customers.

Warehouses and storage facilities are very suitable for security camera systems. Large facilities spread out over extensive areas can be challenging to secure using the traditional security patrol
methods. With the help of professionals to carefully plan and position security cameras at strategic locations in your warehouse, warehouse owners and managers can target risk areas to minimize the threat of theft.

Benefits Of Warehouse Security Cameras

Using live internet view and playback, you can keep an eye on your warehouse 24 hours a day through the Internet. You can have peace of mind and monitor your warehouse from anywhere. We work closely with each client to design an affordable warehouse security camera system complete with security cameras and remote viewing features (via modem, network or Internet), depending on your specific needs.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce theft and vandalism
  • Monitor shipping and receiving areas to minimize distribution error
  • Monitor workers to ensure everyone follows the safety protocols
  • Enhance building security
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improve warehouse safety practices

If a workplace accident does happen, video footage can help identify what went wrong, why, and how to prevent it in the future.

Considerations When Installing A Warehouse Security Camera System

Security needs of warehouses and other storage facilities depend on many factors:

  • What do you consider to be your biggest security threat?
  • What security measures do you currently have in place?
  • What kind of materials do you store (e.g. chemicals, flammable materials etc..) and how are they arranged?
  • What are the critical areas that need to be monitored?
  • What negative events (thefts, accidents, vandalism etc.) have occurred in the past in your warehouse that you wish you could have caught on camera in the last few year?

Our Expertise In Warehouse Security Cameras

At our company, 360 Secure Solutions, we begin each engagement with a careful evaluation of security dangers, needs, and practical arrangements to implement the right-fit warehouse security camera solution for each customer.
We can provide full designs and recommend practical applications of warehouse security camera frameworks, alongside with on-site inspection by our professional staff.
Our complete warehouse security camera solution and expert services ensure that your warehouse can achieve all safety goals for complete protection of 3P (people, products, and profits).