Best Home Security Camera

Home security cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them offering different features and functions that set them apart from their competitors. At 360 Security Solutions we make it our priority to help find you the best home security cameras to keep you and your property protected.

Why Invest in Quality Home Security Cameras?

Security cameras are a simple method of keeping a watchful eye on your home, whether you’re at work or on holiday. Security cameras are no longer just to protect your home from potential intruders but now thanks to their affordability make a practical tool to for keeping an eye on your children, nanny, pets and more.

Ultimately being able to know what’s going on when you’re not home is the real benefit of these cameras. Although functions and features differ between devices, all cameras provide you with the ability to monitor recorded footage and some a live-feed so you can see what’s happening in your home in real-time.

Factors to Take Into Account

Our best home security cameras all have similar characteristics in common, from allowing you to access the footage from your smartphone or computer wherever you are, to capturing excellent quality images.

Here we outline some of the important factors to take into account outside of the likes of image quality and brand name:


It has almost become an industry standard for home security cameras to offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity is important, as you are the sole person responsible for your property and reviewing footage. Having a camera that can notify you when its sensor is activated and offering a live feed can allow you to react then and there rather than after an event has occurred.


A camera may seem more important than the storage it uses, but if you’re capturing Hi-Res footage then you’ll need adequate storage and file compression to ensure you’re actually capturing footage. There are a variety of Cloud based services that offer anything from free cloud storage to paid monthly subscriptions, and this should be taken into account prior to investing.


Price is ultimately the defining feature of what security camera you choose. The range in camera cost can vary considerably, especially if you take potential Cloud costs into account. Some great and affordable cameras include the likes of Net Gear, Nest Cam and Logi Circle! At 360 Security Solutions we believe in providing true value for money and only list the best home security cameras for all budgets. But we do like to note that you can’t really put a price on the safety of your family and your own peace of mind.