Home Security Camera Price

Home security camera prices play a vital role in the surveillance you install in your home. Take the time to understand your needs and how to make the most of your money and you’ll be able to have an effective security system at an affordable price. At 360 Security Solutions, we take pride in bringing you the best products at the most fair and reasonable prices.

Why Consider Home Security Surveillance

Whether you own a large or small property, it’s important to feel safe and both your family and contents are protected. Introducing a home security system is no longer an expensive and unattainable home security tool, making it viable for every homeowner!

Security cameras are not only intended to capture an event but they also act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders. Being able to provide evidence of an accident, crime or other event can be vital in bringing criminals to justice and ensuring the safety of loved ones.

Understanding the Cost of Home Security Cameras

There is a direct correlation between the price and quality of a CCTV camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement a high quality and effective home system on a budget. To help you on your way to saving money on a home security, camera cost can be broken down into several categories. Understanding these and your particular needs can help you to get the most effective security system at the most reasonable price.

Upfront Cost

This is the initial cost of the camera and its associated equipment. It’s the most obvious and expensive aspect of investing in a surveillance system, but it is important to consider whether the likes of video storage and any additional software is included to avoid further costs. Get the storage space wrong and you won’t be able to gather footage.

Installation Cost

Installation costs can differ substantially depending on the type of camera/camera system you choose. Many modern products are wireless and allow the user to install them comfortably, whilst others require wiring work and a paid professional to install them. The complexity of the system will determine the cost of this.

Avoid Monthly Fees

Understand your storage needs and if you’re using the likes of cloud storage whether a monthly subscription is required