Home Security Camera with Recording System

With security cameras coming in so many style and feature options, it can be hard to settle on the perfect home security camera with recording system for your needs. Deciding what’s right for your home and budget can seem intimidating, but the following tips are here to help you find the right system for you.

Investing in the Right System Features

Security systems with recording offer users a complete solution to their home surveillance needs. Whether utilising a DVR or NVR, you are able to review stored footage or view a live-stream of your camera/s.


Digital video recorders were and still remain a popular choice for home security systems. Constant upgrades to DVR systems ensure they don’t fall too far short of NVRs. The significant difference between the two being that DVRs can be used without an internet connection, but is capable of being connected online.


Network video recorders have become one of the most popular recording system choices for homeowners today. The ability of creating a wireless security system is an appealing one to many people.

Key Features to Consider

Smart Motion Detection

Motion detection allows a system to measure the speed or size of an object in its field of view and automatically record it and alert you of its presence. Smart detection has the ability to identify these objects and know whether they pose a potential threat. Many overly sensitive motion detectors can be triggered by hard winds or inanimate objects, by opting for a smarter system you not only save yourself time but money too.


Video Compression

Perhaps not the first feature that springs to mind when considering security systems, taking video compression into account has many benefits. The latest technologies can compress footage, allowing for a greater level of efficiency and flexibility, which is especially important when transferring significant amounts of data can slow your wireless internet.

H.264 is the latest video compression codec that benefits your storage space and transmission bandwidth, essentially making smaller video files and transmitting them faster across the network.

Remote Monitoring

An important feature in modern home security systems, remote monitoring allows you to oversee your home regardless of where you are. There are various uses for remote monitoring, from keeping an eye on your property to checking up on the kids and pets. Remote monitoring a live feed or triggered alerts can provide peace of mind and allow you to have a presence in your home when you can’t physically be there.