Simple Home Security Camera System

Home security has grown on importance over recent years, with more homeowners than ever before wanting to protect their properties and families from harm. This development has been matched with competitive pricing that has made installing a simple home security camera system cheaper than ever before. At 360 Security Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the best products for all your home security needs, regardless of how simple or advanced.

Understanding the Basics

Often people are deterred by the idea of a whole ‘security system’, this is perhaps because it sounds more complicated that it is. Security cameras are at the centre of all home security, but and often homes only require one camera to watch over a key area. These simple home security needs can be met by an intelligently installed wireless camera and grant you access via a smartphone app.

Do you want to check up on your property whilst you’re travelling or keep an eye on a mischievous pet? We’re here to help you understand what system is perfect for your particular needs, whether you’re interested in anything from a single or 4-camera system.

We understand that a complete security system can be costly, especially if you’re using more products than necessary. That’s why we tailor make systems with you in mind, so you get quality cameras at inexpensive prices that meet all of your needs.

Finding the System for You!

A simple system can be anything from a standalone camera that transmits footage to the app/cloud storage. These systems can cost as little as $30 thanks to manufacturers such as D-Link and Xiaomi providing cost effective models.

Here are some examples of simple home security solutions that make home security a breeze:


The DCS-5222L Cloud PTZ camera is a wireless network camera that is ideal for indoor monitoring. It has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, meaning you can easily install and setup your own remote viewing in no time. Connecting a camera on your network traditionally required complex configuration, but the addition of mydlink technology makes it incredibly simple to access your system wherever you are.


Samsung’s SmartCam HD Pro Wi-Fi camera has everything you’d expect from a modern security camera and more. Featuring full HD 1080p video quality and real-time notifications through its app, if you’re serious about home security but want a minimalist system then this is the camera for you. Priced at $189, it is packed full of advanced features, users can expect Wide Dynamic Range, Samsung Light Enhancer technology, Advanced Motion & Audio Detection, a built-in microphone and Motion Zone Select.