Wireless Home Security Camera System

Wireless home security camera systems are a growing trend for households, providing a streamlined installation and the opportunity to cover areas where wired systems will struggle to. Understanding a wireless security system is the first step in finding the right setup for your needs, here we outline the key areas worth noting.

Wireless over Wired?

The first hurdle you must cross when considering a home security system is whether you opt for wireless or wired security. Wireless doesn’t only refer to how the systems sensors and cameras are setup, but also how the system connects to the outside world.

If you live in a property that doesn’t have a preexisting security system, then a wireless system is often the simplest method of installing home security. There is no need for running wires, drilling holes or doing any extensive modifications to your home. This is going to be especially appealing for those who are simply renting a property but want the benefits of added security.

The Benefits of Wireless Security Systems

Ease of Installation

Wireless systems offer an easier to install network that homeowners are capable of installing and setting up within a few hours. Compared to installing a wired system, the user requires very few DIY skills and only some familiarity with computers.  Many wireless systems are also pre-programmed to work together, making installation as simple as possible.



Wireless systems are becoming more affordable and are now more comparable with wired systems. Many manufacturers offer a variety of products to meet each customer’s specific needs, from basic security coverage to feature-packed systems for more advanced cases. Usually wireless systems also don’t require professional installation, saving you on any additional costs that occur if you opt for a wired system. It also makes sense if you rent a property, as you’re able to easily uninstall the system when you move, allowing you to keep a hold of your investment.

Instant Alerts & Monitoring

Wireless home systems allow the user to connect and monitor their system online through smartphones and tablets. Whether an alarm is triggered and you’re sent a notification or you wish to view a live-feed of your property, these apps are a convenient method of checking up on your security and simple tasks such as seeing whether your children have returned from school safely.

Home Automation

A growing feature of these ever-advancing systems, home automation provides the ability to arm and disarm your security, switch on/off lights, adjust temperature and much more.